Our Services


Pediatric Dental Services

At Severn Pediatric Dentistry we constantly educate ourselves to stay current and we also offer the latest in dental techniques to ensure your child is receiving the best care, comfort, and safety.

Your child’s well being is a top priority.

We offer total pediatric dental services. Some of the most common procedures include:

Digital X-rays


Fluoride treatments


Tooth Colored Fillings

Crowns (including white crowns for the front teeth)

Pulpotomy or Nerve treatment


Space Maintainers

Minor Orthodontics

Habit Appliances

Emergency Care (avulsions, minor lacerations, tooth splinting)

Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation

General Anesthesia dentistry or Hospital cases

As a new office, we are committed to offering some of the best technology, equipment and materials available. In addition to providing a positive and enjoyable experience, it is equally important that your child is provided with the most current treatment options available.

Patient Comfort

We want to make sure your child is relaxed and comfortable from the moment they step into our office. Our friendly and interactive waiting area has multiple iPads, free WiFi, large screen TV's, a lego wall, and more. Treatment rooms are also equipped with televisions so your child can escape into their favorite TV show. We want to make sure we cater to today’s tech savvy children.  Also, our patients are excited to visit the prize machine station after their appointments. 

Patient Safety

Whether your child is coming in for an exam or being treated under Oral Sedation, their safety is a top priority. We follow the highest standards of sterilization, infection control, and radiation exposure control. All staff regularly attend education courses on safety and CPR as well as adhering to strict OSHA standards.